September 15, 2010

Welcome to Cooking with a Sparkle!

Hello my friends!

I'm Lisa Sparkle. To you who don't know me, I'm not joking this is my actual name, well part of it anyway.

I've been inspired like most people I'm sure by the movie Julie and Julia. I love the concept of blogging and i love the concept of writing a book. Unfortunately i have neither the skills it would require to write a book or the skills (and the time, lets face it) to create many unique recipes. So, I'm left with blogging.....about other peoples recipes.

I love to bake. I love to cook with recipes. I love eating the food i baked or cooked. I love sharing the food i baked or cooked with people who appreciate my love for baking and cooking.

I love my partner Marc for many things but in this instance i love him for teaching me how to bake and cook. I love him also for always being my number one baking fan and always eating all the "duds". xxx

I love my friend Kate who gave me the best baking book ever for my 23rd birthday, the Baking Bible. And i love my friends for not only encouraging me but helping me consume amazing amounts of butter and sugar.

I love my Nan and Great Grandma's, who through their DNA gave me the ability to be able to bake.

I love food and i love my Boysenberry Kitchen aid "Charlotte".

And of course a special shout out to my family - i love you all very much, you are my world and aren't you glad i found Marc. xx

I will promise to post, from this day forward, all baking/cooking adventures/disasters and I hope you enjoy reading.

Lisa Sparkle :)

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