January 21, 2011

You Get to Decide! Pick a Cake for me to Make!

Hay Everyone!

I've decided to make a cake..but you guys have to pick it!

Have a look at the cake recepie links below and post a comment letting me know which one you would like me to make!

All votes must be in by Friday 28th Janurary! Get Voting People!

Many thanks to http://www.joyofbaking.com/ !


  1. Red velvet cake Lisa, it looks glorious! and can I come over and help too??

  2. I vote Hummingbird :-) James

  3. Red Velvet for me :) Glenys

  4. Totally Hummingbird - According to my photcopied recipe from one of those large fabulous Women's Weekly recipe books - "This most luscious cake was created in the American south, where ladies' lunches and afternoon teas were once a way of life". Sound appropriate??!

    I have made said luscious cake, and luscious it is. Something about the moisture from the pineapple and a whole lot of spicey goodness makes it quite delightful!

    :) xx Kt

  5. Red Velvet FO REALZ!!! hello its pure pimped out cake bling heaven. Its a cake for celebrities i feel. DO IT!!

  6. I think you should do the hummingbird cake little's! although, it doesnt really matter what you cook as I get to enjoy the end result anyway.

  7. While the hummingbird cake blurb sounds amazing, that red velvet cake looks hard to beat! I vote red velvet cake.

    I will be attempting to bake my own red velvet cake for the first time next week for a friends 30th birthday... Your notes will come in handy, I'm sure :)