February 1, 2011

Winner of Pick a Cake - Red Velvet Cake!!!


Thanks to everyone who voted on the Pick a Cake for me to Make!

The winner by far was the Red Velvet Cake and because its a very sexy lookin thang I've decided to make it for my Valentines Day Special.

So everyone, if you work with me you are going to be lucky little valentines and get to eat this amazing cake (well lets hope it will be amazing!).

If your my friends, sorry loves but you will miss out on the first installment. However you are welcome to come to my house and make it with me, or come to my house and sit around my kitchen table reading magazines and watch me make it, going on past experience this is usually the option preferred. :)

For everyone else, MAKE IT YOUR DAMN SELF! No just kidding. No I'm not hahahha.

Until then i will make and post a special recipe close to my heart and that is always a crowd favorite....Snickerdoodles!

Love Lisa Sparkle

Me and My Man Friend Marc and My Sister Bec (me in the middle)

Fun Picture for no Reason xxx

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