February 25, 2011

Pinky-Brown Red Velvet Cake - Challange Completed

WOW, this has been some pretty full-on weeks I've just had! First of all i must say...


5mins after proposal, still crying a bit

We have been together for 4 years, and after putting up with me for that long he decided he would like me to be his wife. So, i can no longer call him my Man-Friend he has now graduated to my Fi, which is short for Fiance :)

Back to cake....

It started on Sunday 13th January, day before Valentines day.

As i lay on my couch 3pm slowly creeps around and i say to Marc "I don't wanna make this stupid cake", he lovingly replies "well you don't have to you know!", "but i have to" i say, "My blog needs me". OK, so maybe i didn't say the last thing but maybe, there is someone out there who reads my blog and couldn't possibly live another day without knowing that i had made the Red Velvet Cake......just maybe.

But on this day, i gave up on that person and instead tried my hand at a spot of golf. Needless to say i was pretty shocking at it but it was more fun than making a cake.

Monday 14th January, Valentines Day.

The questions and the emails started rolling in, "have you made the cake?"

I had disappointed my blog friends and not to mention the people at my work where upset their morning tea hadn't arrived.

Anyway, on Wednesday night i decided it was bloody time to get this bloody cake all over and done with. Here is the recipe - I'm going to be super lazy and give you a link.


I had two issues when making this cake.

1. BUY ENOUGH RED DYE!!! I only had about 5-10mls and it calls for about 30mls, hence the reason this post is call Pinky-Brown Red Velvet Cake.
2. i didn't put enough cream cheese frosting on the layers.

That was about it. Otherwise it was quite simple.

A special shout out to Miss Carole (my work colleague), thank you for lending me your knowledge and cake tin, i couldn't have done this without you.

Well people, this cake tasted pretty good and from the pictures below, it appears i wasn't alone in the enjoyment.

Thank you everyone for voting and next time, can ya pick one i don't have to dye?


@ work cutting cake

Wayne, Me, Carole, Karen and James

Julie and Glenys

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